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About Me

My name is Mariam Anna Barska and I am originally from Armenia. After immigrating to the New York City, NY in January 1991 as a teenager.


I began my fashion career right after attending the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC).


I worked for over 15 years for top-performing companies. As highly trained and accomplished, experienced fashion designer with extensive experience designing, building, and launching well known women’s brands including many years of RTW runway in NYC.


"My idea for any design is to reach a woman who desires clothing that will carry her through every aspect of her life, from the more formal, go to work occasions, workouts, travels and also for the more informal aspects of her life. It really reflects the style and sensibilities which I see all around me, whether it be right out my window,  in Los Angeles or Dallas. I try to design with my core design principles: Clothing of value and integrity of the design."


What is unique about me is my intelligent sense of style combined with surprising twists that make each design look and feel special for each brand. I enjoy designing collections of modern silhouettes and touches of feminine appeal, while also embracing the relaxed sensibility of a contemporary lifestyle.

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